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Keep Your House and Windows Cool with the Right Landscaping

Did you know that you can easily use nature as a way to keep your house much cooler during the summer months? Simply by adding in the right trees, shrubs, and vines in strategic locations, you can get a much cooler effect and even cut down on some of your cooling costs.

Smart landscaping is going to be a whole lot more than just having a beautiful yard. It is also about finding the smartest and most efficient ways to make the most out of your landscaping choices to keep your house cool when the temperatures heat up. For example, trees are good for shading your roof from the hot sun in summer, while vines and shrubs are going to be nice for keeping your walls cool. Additionally, making sure that you shade your air conditioner could end up cutting back your energy costs by roughly 50%.

Beat the Build Up of Heat

In order to make the most of your energy-efficient landscaping, you have to understand how heat gets exchanged in your home. The windows are going to take in the radiant heat from the sun. A roof, especially a dark one, will absorb the heat. Your windows, walls, and any glass doors will bring in the hot temperatures from the outside via conduction, or infiltration. Energy-efficient windows that are sealed correctly can have a big impact when it comes to saving you money on your electric bill. When you shade your property strategically using shrubs and trees, you are going to be able to slow down the heat exchange because they will help to cool the outer surfaces. The combination of efficient windows and shading will be a knock-out punch to your electric bill.

Take a look at how the elements outdoors, like the shade, wind and sun are working with your home at different times throughout the day and throughout different seasons. The best kind of landscaping options to cool your home during the summer months could play double duty by helping to retain the heat in the winter months.

While you are checking out the parts of your home that are going to take on the hot sun in the afternoon, record the exact angle of the direct sunlight and which faces are receiving the reflected sunlight. Select plants and trees that will allow a cooling breeze at nighttime to enter into any of your open windows.

Plant your shorter trees and any taller shrubs along the west side of your home, as they will be able to deflect late afternoon sun from your walls. Think about adding ivy vines to the west or south wall of any stone or brick house, or try to train it to grow along vertical trellises all along the exterior of your building. You can also work on creating a natural awning by way of a horizontal trellis that is attached to a pair of vertical trellises to foster the growth of the ivy or any flowering vines that will grow overhead and upward.

If you are unsure of what to plant and where you can work with a professional landscape architect in your area that is familiar with energy-efficient planting options and the climate that you currently live in. For questions about saving money with energy-efficient windows or any window & door repair needs in Ocala, contact R C Windows & Doors today.