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Tips for Keeping Your Home Cool Even Without Air Conditioning

Having an air conditioning system at home is a must in Florida, especially in the summer season. But what if you want to reduce your energy consumption by turning off your air conditioning on certain days, or at certain times of the day? Is there still a way to keep your home cool even when your air conditioning is not running? It might seem impossible to do this but yes, there’s still a way for you to keep your home at a nice temperature. Here are some tips for keeping your home comfortable, even without AC.

Close Your Blinds

Keep the sun’s rays from entering your home through windows by closing your blinds or your curtains. Yes, it might be a simple tip but it can make a difference in your house’s temperature. According to experts, it can reduce your home’s temperature up to 20 degrees. This is because 30% of the heat in your home comes from your house’s windows. So remember to close that curtain from now on!

Tint Your Windows

Tinted windows can cut down on a lot of heat that’s transmitted through your windows and into your home. There are all kinds of tints you can use, including mirror-like reflective tints.

Plant Shade Trees & Shrubs

Hot roofs and walls transmit a ton of heat into a home. Strategically positioned shade trees and shrubs not only look great but can work wonders when it comes to keeping your roof and walls cool. They could even provide support for a hammock if you really want to relax and go native.

Open The Doors

While your blinds should be closed, your doors must be kept open if you want your house to have a cool temperature even without your air conditioner. The idea behind this tip is to allow air to freely go inside your home. Having fresh air in your home is also very refreshing! Having screen doors will come in handy for keeping bugs out.

Use A Fan!

Do you want to feel the cool breeze? Then this simple life hack is for you! Simply get an ice pack or anything cold and position it in front of your fan. This will allow the air coming from your fan to be mistier and extra-chilled. No need to go to the beach at night!

Use The Right Sheets

The cold season is over and now it’s time to ditch your fleece blanket and flannel sheets for something more comfortable on summer seasons like cotton sheets and buckwheat pillows. Using the right kind of materials in the hot seasons will make you feel more comfortable when sleeping or relaxing in your bed. Changing your sheets will also make your room fresher and cozier!

Grill Your Food

Whether it’s for an ordinary day or for special occasions, grilling your food in the summer is not only fun but will also help with your home’s temperature. Using stoves or ovens in the summer season makes your home feel hotter. Take out that grilling recipe book and your outdoor grilling equipment to make the best kinds of dishes without making your home hotter.


If you want your home to feel cooler every day not only in the summer so that you can always turn off the AC when you want to and still feel comfortable, then consider improving your home and your environment.

Turning off your air conditioning every once in a while will not only help you save energy but will also help the environment. Planting trees and shrubs is also a great thing to do that will help the planet. These tips might be simple, but they can help you greatly if used correctly.