Our Customers Say

"R C Windows & Doors installed impact glass sliding doors and windows on our home in Jupiter. The installation was professional, thorough, and clean. We are very pleased with the installation and the products, as they will give us the peace of mind we were looking for during the storm season. Ron Conklin himself was very accommodating and professional, and I would recommend

R C Windows & Doors to anyone interested in having sliding doors and windows installed."


--Jim Fox

Jupiter, Florida


Glass Repair and Replacement in Ocala

Are you in need of glass repair in Ocala? R C Windows & Doors specializes in several types of local residential glass repairs. We have years of experience repairing various types of windows that are used in homes around Florida. If you're looking for an Ocala glass repair company for the windows discussed below we may be the perfect fit for your needs.


Glass Replacement

Whether you need one pane of glass replaced, or you’re re-doing the whole house, R C Windows & Doors is the Ocala Glass replacement expert you’ll want to call. Please keep reading to find out about the types of glass replacement we regularly do for people in the Ocala area. 


Window Glass

Nowadays when it comes to window glass there are several types of glass you can choose from. You can look at what you have and then match it with the same type.

When it comes to repairing or replacing glass these are the types of glass we regularly work with:

  • Insulated (or double pane)
  • Low-E
  • Impact Glass
  • Single Pane Glass


Insulated glass

Insulated glass is designed to keep hot air out, and cool air in (or vice versa, depending on your environment). It’s made using 2 (or more) panes of glass that are separated by metal or plastic spacers, and some kind of inert gas (usually argon or krypton). The layers of gas diffuse the transfer of heat from one pane to the other. 

Although insulated glass may cost a bit more than simple single layer sheets of glass, there is usually a savings in energy usage over time that will more than pay for the additional cost and put money back into your pocket. In other words, insulated glass is more energy-efficient. It will help you to save on your air conditioning cost, and it also does a great job of reducing or eliminating outdoor noise. 



Low-E glass is glass with a microscopically thin coating of a transparent substance that reflects heat. It limits the amount of solar heat that can enter a home, and that’s why it’s a great choice for Florida homes. Only visible light passes through it. At the same time it filters out harmful rays, it does an amazing job of reflecting the cooler temperature back into the home. It works great for keeping your home cooler and reduces your energy consumption. It also prevents damage to carpets, drapes, and furniture. Over time it is well worth the extra cost to use this type of glass wherever you have widows that are exposed to sunlight. 


Impact Glass

Impact Glass (also known as impact windows, laminated glass, or hurricane windows) is glass that is specifically designed to handle the stress of a storm or hurricane. There are varying levels of protection in this type of glass. Some are designed to protect from low levels of wind and impact and others are strong enough to be considered good protection from hurricane force winds and damage. While protecting from damage they can also be quite energy-efficient as well. Another benefit of this type of glass is that you may not need to put up shutters during a storm. It can also be excellent at eliminating noise from outside the home. 


Single Pane Glass

Single pane glass is just what it sounds like. Simple basic glass, one sheet thick. No frills, no extras, but sometimes just what you need to get the job done. 


Door Glass

When it comes to door glass, we specialize in what is known in the industry as door inserts. Door inserts are the piece of glass you see in the middle of many doors, that lets light into the room, and can allow you to look outside. They add a certain degree of elegance to a door. Door inserts are sometimes referred to as doorlights. Door inserts come in a number of shapes and sizes, and can generally be custom cut to fit any size needed.


Ocala Glass Service

If you’re looking for an Ocala glass service you can trust, consider us. We’ve been in business helping customers with their glass needs for many years. Take a look at our long list of 5-star reviews on Google and elsewhere, to see what our many customers have to say about our reliability and trustworthiness. 

So to sum it all up, R C Windows & Doors can fix, repair, or replace many of your broken small to mid-sized window and door glass problems. And, we make it easy by coming to you. Just give us a call to let us know what you're looking for, and we'll take it from there.