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A Home Maintenance Schedule Can Help You Have a Happier Home

Home maintenance is a must if you want your property to retain or increase its value. A well-maintained home is one that is pleasing to the eye and one that can make the owner proud.

House maintenance does require a homeowner to have some skills and some basic tools like a screwdriver, pliers, hammer, a spanner or plumbing wrench, and things like nails, tape, glue, and a tape measure. You also need to follow a proper schedule that allows you to treat each part of your home and give it the attention that it needs. You need not do everything in one day, but spread it out over a couple of weekends and follow a checklist that you scrupulously go through till you have gone through every item in it.

Plumbing is a very vital part of a home and you can start with ensuring that all drains are clear and have no blockages. Use drain cleaners regularly even in drains that do not show any blockage. Check all taps, faucets, and all plumbing fittings and tighten them if you find leaks or replace washers where necessary. Make a study of your complete plumbing layout, especially the locations of master valves that can cut off the supply. Check all heaters and their functioning, thermostat settings, and any other thing that can point to defects.

The doors and windows are essential parts of any home and do require constant operation. Pay attention to hinges that are squeaking and can do with a bit of oiling. Make sure that all locks and latches are functioning properly and take special care of rooms that have children or the elderly in them. Properly working front and back doors are essential to your safety and security. Windows should always be kept locked when you’re not at home. If doors or windows don’t open and shut easily and as expected it may mean you need service.

Maintenance of a home is incomplete if you do not take care of the daily cleaning and removing of dust on all surfaces. Follow a strict sequence that ensures that every part of the home is cleaned as it must be. You must also regularly clean carpets, curtains, chair covers, table cloths and the like.

Air Conditioning systems require monthly maintenance. They also often require some maintenance that involves professionals. At the most, on your own, you can clean filters or maintain the required cleanliness of the equipment on your own. If you have a swimming pool its filtration equipment must be maintained by professionals. On your part, make sure the pool is always clean. Never allow algae to form and ensure that any water splashed by enthusiastic children finds its way into drains.

The outside of your home must also be part of any home maintenance schedule, and this is all the more important if you have a garden or other landscaping that is adding to the aesthetics of your home. Clean up the clutter in your garage at regular intervals and get rid of junk. As part of maintenance, make it a point to rid your entire home of all the things that are no more of any use and just taking up space.