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How Energy Efficient Windows Can Help You Save Money



Saving money is a dream for many. Even those who earn a stable income find it difficult to make ends meet by the end of the month. As salaries have a hard time keeping pace with inflation and prices, there's no wonder most of us struggle to keep tabs on our monthly bills. Home improvement is one of the best things you can do to lower your monthly energy bills for the longer term. Let's see, for instance, how energy efficient windows can save you money. They may seem expensive at first glance, but if you do the math, you'll probably decide, this is the way to go to keep your electricity consumption under control.

The biggest problem of most homes is their thermal insulation. In fact, windows are responsible for the most amount of heat that gets wasted. Furthermore, houses and apartments featuring very large windows are real energy hogs. Keeping a comfortable temperature inside these homes is a challenge and a huge expense. However, many people are willing to put up with this inconvenience only to enjoy the benefits of large windows that allow a lot of light to enter the rooms. These homeowners are the first to realize the advantages energy efficient, modern windows can offer them. Double-glazed or triple-glazed windows can slash their monthly energy bills, making this investment well-worth it. In addition, the glass itself has superior insulation properties, so it contributes to keeping the indoor temperature at the desired setting without a big energy expense. If you do the math, you might find out that your new windows will pay for themselves pretty fast.

Learn about window repair in West Palm Beach.

The first way energy efficient windows help you save money is by reducing the temperature exchange between the indoor air and the outdoor environment. This means that the temperature in your room will reach the desired setting much faster than in homes with old and outdated windows. The faster you can achieve your temperature goal, the less your heating or cooling system will need to work. The direct outcome of this shorter operating time is a decrease of the energy consumed.

Moreover, the temperature will stay consistent for a much longer time. When windows aren't energy efficient, the temperature exchange will determine a relatively fast alteration of the ideal indoor temperature. This will trigger the HVAC system to put more effort into bringing the temperature back to the desired setting. Energy efficient windows prevent such rapid indoor temperature variations. Once you create a comfortable indoor environment, you can enjoy it for a very long time, provided that you don't open your windows or doors too often. In such circumstances, you'll save money by not having to waste so much energy to compensate for the temperature exchange occurring at the surface of the glass.

The fact that your HVAC system will have less work to do will have a direct influence on its useful lifespan. The less it works, the less frequently it might need repairs. Also, you'll be able to enjoy it for a much longer time before needing to replace it. All these can help you save you money, considering that air conditioning and heating systems are relatively expensive and cumbersome to repair and maintain.

You might think that you could achieve this level of thermal insulation by installing some energy-efficient window treatments. Indeed, thermal insulating curtains, drapes and shades can help you decrease your energy consumption. However, the best of these systems are quite expensive, so you'll have to spend a lot of money to achieve a good thermal efficiency. If you also consider that they may need replacement every few years, you can easily see that they are actually more expensive long-term than the high-quality energy efficient windows we recommend.

Some modern window models come with UV protection. They stop the UV rays from entering your home, thus protecting your carpets and your furniture from direct sunlight damage. This is yet another way to save money by not having to replace your carpets and your furniture too often. Old windows use common glass that doesn't offer any protection against UV rays. This means that they can't stop the daylight from damaging your carpets, your window treatments, and your furniture. Even the cheapest double-glazed windows can do a much better job at preventing this kind of damage to your belongings. Just take a look at some carpet and furniture prices, and you'll quickly see how much money you could save by simply upgrading your old windows.

Last but not least, modern windows provide a decent level of sound insulation. You'll feel more comfortable, more relaxed, and more optimistic. You'll be able to listen to your favorite music without having to increase the volume to cover street sounds. This won't save you money, but it may prevent you from needing sleeping pills and therapy sessions. You can consider it an indirect money saver, anyway.

As you can see, there are many ways energy efficient windows can save you money. In order to estimate the savings, you should calculate the price of your new windows, as well as your current monthly energy consumption. Then, you have to estimate your new energy consumption to see how much you can save every month. In addition, you'll have to take into account the longer lifespan of your HVAC system, carpets, furniture, and window treatments.

If you need help with a price estimate, contact us now to get a free custom quote on the different types of windows we can provide. We'll be happy to come out and discuss cost, options, and timing, in order for you to be able to make an informed decision on whether to replace your old windows with newer better looking more efficient windows, before the hot weather is upon us once again.

The Best Ways to Make Your Windows & Doors More Secure


Make Your Windows & Doors More Secure with These Tips

Out of all of the reported break-ins and burglaries that occur in the United States, over 40 percent of them are caused by intruders entering into homes through windows and doors that are unlocked. The good news is that you can avoid having your home included in this statistic by ramping up security around the windows and doors by following a few tips.

The majority of intruders enter into homes due to the careless actions of homeowners such as keeping windows and doors unlocked and/or using inexpensive fixtures. However, when windows and doors are secure, you will be able to prevent unwanted visitors gaining access to the inside of your home.


Security Upgrades For Windows

Door and window security and repairYou should never make it easy for thieves to enter your home. You can use these simple safety tips to make your windows secure so thieves are not able to enter.

One of the first things that you can do is upgrade the locks on your windows. Locks that are not working properly are ineffective at keeping your windows secure. So, repair or change the locks on your windows and keep them locked.

You can also add grills or bars to your windows to keep thieves out. These are metal bars that you can install as part of your home's security system. However, keep in mind that these bars can also become a barrier that slows down exiting the home in case of an emergency.

Window cameras and flood lights are easy to install fixtures that can add an extra layer of security in and around your windows. Keep in mind that thieves prefer to work in darkness and isolation. By having flood lights shining on your windows, thieves will think twice about using the windows on your home as entry points.

Although it is generally not recommended to plant vegetation near windows because they can function as a hide out spot for thieves, thorny vegetation such as a crowns of thorns plant will make would keep criminals away.


Front Door Security

Even though it may seem as though the front door of your home would not be an entry point for thieves because of its visibility, almost 35 percent of thieves use the front door to enter a home. They accomplish this by either:

  • Kicking the door in
  • Picking the lock
  • Opening a door that is unlocked

Fortunately, you can secure the front door to your home with these effective safety solutions.

You can prevent your front door from being kicked in or wedged open by installing a door that is constructed with reinforced wood or steel. Wood and steel are two materials that are very durable and they are not easily damaged.

Doors made from fiberglass or metal can also be installed as front doors, but you should make sure there is additional reinforcement inside of the door so it cannot be damaged by a car jack.

Also, consider installing a front door that does not have a window design. It is common to see homes that have front doors with windows. These windows add to the home's curb appeal and bring in additional natural light, but they can also be broken by thieves who are looking for entry into your home.

Landscaping also adds curb appeal to your home, but you should avoid placing large vegetation near the front door. This vegetation can inadvertently cause a private and obscure hiding area for thieves.

You should never rely on an inexpensive deadbolt or a door lock to protect your home from thieves. Choose a quality deadbolt that can be inserted deep within the door frame. This will help to prevent home invasions and kick-ins.

An interior lock can also be installed on the back of the door that does not have key access. Examples of these types of locks are chains and sliding bolts. These types of features are virtually theft proof.

Flimsy door frames can also be kicked in easily by a burglar. You can make your door frame more secure by installing a box strike into the wall and the jamb for more security. The jamb can then be reinforced with galvanized steel.


Sliding Glass Door Security

Thieves and homeowners both know that sliding glass doors are not very effective when it comes to keeping thieves out. In fact, the standard sliding glass door locks on the market are nothing more than latches that fit loosely on sliding doors. If the door is manipulated with enough force, it can become easily displaced off of the track. As a result, the sliding door becomes a simple entry point into your home. This is why sliding glass door security, manintenace, and repair are very important. 

Sliding glass doors are also known as hotspots among thieves because sliding doors allow thieves to see what possessions are inside of the home. In addition, since sliding doors are usually on the back of homes, a thief can enter the home with little to no detection.

Although sliding glass doors are easy points of entry, you can upgrade the features on your sliding glass door to keep burglars out. For example, you can install upgraded features such as reinforced plastic or glass.

You can also add security locks and vibration sensors to prevent easy access to your home. After installing new locks and sensors, you can also add a metal or wooden dowel behind the door in the track so the door cannot be forcefully opened.

By making the windows and doors on your home more secure and less inviting to burglars, what you are essentially doing is buying time. Most thieves want to enter and exit your home as quickly as possible so they are not detected. However, when you reinforce the weakest entry points of your home with upgraded features, it will take longer for them to gain access to your home. This will leave thieves frustrated and they will likely abandon the attempted break-in.

If you place the above mentioned safety measures in place, you will add a layer of security in and around your home that will deter thieves and give your family a peace of mind.

Modernizing Your Windows to Improve the Appearance of Your Home


Contemporary style includes various styles starting from the latter part of the 20th
century. The style features rounder and softer lines, instead of the sharp and harsh
lines associated with modern decor. Also, contemporary styles focus on utilizing
lighting for enhancing focal points.

To provide your home with a contemporary style, your windows can help you
achieve that. In this article we will be showing you some of the different ways that
windows can be installed to create a contemporary style for your home.

Upgrade Your Windows To Enhance Your Contemporary Décor

After you have selected your contemporary furniture, staged your art pieces and
focal points, painted the walls, and made other changes for creating a contemporary
appearance, make sure your windows complement your brand new look. More than
likely it will make sense to have the window work done before the rest of the work
so as to keep dust on your new furnishings to a minimum.

If there are old windows in your house with wooden frames, they might conflict with
your contemporary style, since wood might convey a more rustic or country style.
Also, if your windows are multi-framed with flat frames, they might draw attention
away from a contemporary design since flat frames feature a design that is more

In order to enhance your brand new contemporary decor, your current windows
should be replaced with up-to-date ones. Multi-framed windows are okay if there is
a soft roundness to the frames. Another good idea is installing more windows on
walls that have lots of empty space. That can help to pull in more natural light to your
house, which gives the appearance of a bigger space and helps to create a
contemporary appearance.

Also, windows that have strong geometric shapes help to enhance the contemporary
style, however it is important to stick with softer frames. Another way of enhancing
your contemporary style look is to use corner windows.

One good option for you to consider is to replace your old windows and install new,
double-paned windows. Double-paned windows provide more insulation that helps to
keep your house at a comfortable temperature and not having to pay high energy bills.

Show Off Your Windows In The Right Way

When it comes to color, window frames should either be white or bronze, which are the two main colors
used in contemporary home decor. There is plenty of bare wall space in contemporary style, so uniquely
shaped windows can be used to introduce more lines into the space’s appearance. The space around
windows should be kept bare in order to strengthen your contemporary feeling. With this type of style
you also don’t want any window coverings on the windows. You also should remove any decorative
flower boxes that are on the exterior of your house underneath the windows. When those flower boxes
are seen through the inside of the windows, it gives a country ranch style look, which is contradictory to
a contemporary feel. To achieve a contemporary feel, you don’t want to utilize window coverings, so a
reflective tinting should be installed on the exterior of your windows for added privacy. This reflective
tint can give your windows a mirror-like appearance from the exterior, to prevent people from being
able to see inside of your house during the day. For privacy at night, when using reflective tint, lights can
be installed on the outside of windows which are brighter than inside ones. The brighter outside light
will cause reflective light to operate at night in the same way that it does during the day. Pull-down
blinds can also be installed so that they are out of the way during day when you are wanting to show
your great windows off and then pulled down during the night time hours for privacy.

Get Started Now With Contemporary Style Windows

If you want to talk about your window needs, then contact us today. We will be
happy to answer all your questions and help you obtain the windows that you want, in
order to finish your contemporary look that you want for your home.

Your Home Is Your Best Investment: Tips On Home Management


Your residential property is one of the biggest investments you have made in your life. In fact, of all these investments, a house is the most important. This is the reason why taking care of it should not end up in just sweeping the dust off or washing your curtains. Every detail inside and outside of your home’s premises must be given a keen attention. If you believe that your home is your best investment, learn how to take care of it.

There are many benefits of giving extra love and care to your home structure. It generally doesn't even cost much to manage your home properly.

Cleanliness and Tidiness

You must know how to clean or dust off every wall and corner of your house. Dirt and dust accumulation lead to major problems in the future. Molds and bacteria may grow and spread causing the decay of materials inside your house.

Choose High-Quality Products and Materials

This is applicable for those who are about to build a new residence, add an addition, or purchase building materials. Building a house does not happen overnight. It takes several weeks and even months before you can stay in it. So, the choice of materials used can make or break your goals. If you already built a home and are looking for long-lasting products, you should use high-quality materials. Do not be afraid to spend extra money on the things you buy when you know they are more helpful in your home management goals.

Check Your Windows, Doors and Other Openings

One of the important parts of home care that people often overlook is regular maintenance of windows and doors. If you notice some unusual changes in the physical structure of these parts, the best thing to do is to consult a repair company. Even if your windows and doors are in good condition, make sure you call an expert for the regular maintenance checkup. You should do this to prevent mold, leaks, dust, and dirt from multiplying. Do not hesitate to call a professional and trustworthy window and door repair service to fix some issues on this matter.

Home Management Skills Are the Key

These skills refer to the skills you should possess to take care and organize your possessions and entire house property. These include mopping, dusting, sweeping and vacuuming your workspace or living space. You must be skilled in preparing and planning meals, maintaining your home’s exterior and doing laundry. There are several reasons why these skills are important. First, being neat and tidy also makes you organized in all things, from the things inside your home to the way you move inside. Second, you can prevent accidents and injuries in your space which usually take place when some things are not in proper order. Third, you create an atmosphere for health for you and your family members. Lastly, you protect your home and help it to reach its maximum lifespan. These are only some reasons why you need to learn and practice these home management skills.

Tips For Being A Good Neighbor

Being a good neighbor is all about being considerate of others and respecting their need for privacy, peace, and harmony. Good fences may make good neighbors but there are other steps that you can take to ensure that you are the ideal neighbor.

1. Visibility

Be aware that your neighbors can probably see everything that you are doing in your yard and in your home if you do not take steps to minimize your visibility. Window treatments are essential but this doesn't mean that you have to keep your drapes, curtains or blinds closed in order to maintain privacy. Consider reflective window treatments which prevent your neighbors from seeing in while allowing you to still benefit from being able to see out and getting all the natural light during the day.

2. Noise

There is nothing quite as irritating as a noisy neighbor. If you like entertaining and have loud music and guests on a regular basis, employ some noise dampening measures or limit noise to a specific time at night, especially during the week. Noise dampening measures are most effective on windows and doors.

Ask your guests to be more respectful of neighbors, especially when they arrive on your property. Inform your neighbors when you expect to be noisy like when there will be a construction project taking place or you are celebrating an occasion when entertaining can be expected to run into the early hours of the morning.

3. Cleanliness

A messy yard or home lowers the value of property in the entire neighborhood and is simply an eyesore. Don't leave rubble, rubbish or refuse lying around. Keep in mind that leaving rubbish lying around is unhygienic and can present certain health hazards apart from which the smell is just awful.

Trim your lawn and cutback large trees, especially if they may be encroaching on the property boundary. A beautifully and well-maintained property will draw admiration and praise from your neighbors rather than complaints. Remember to keep a clean home too if your neighbors can see in through your windows.

4. Light

This is one of the lesser considered aspects of being a good neighbor but the light that your house produces can affect your neighbors, especially outdoor lights, and bright security lighting. Ask your neighbors if any of your lights are bothering them and make the necessary adjustments.

If you are being affected by a neighbor's lights, consider installing full black-out window treatments rather than complaining. Keep in mind that lights are often installed for security reasons and your neighbor's lights could be improving your own security measures.

5. The Nosy Neighbor

Dealing with a nosy neighbor is difficult but often necessary. No matter what steps you take to protect your privacy in your home and on your property, they always seem to be peering through windows or over hedges to get a better look at what you are up to.

6. Slamming Doors and Windows

If your doors and windows stick so much that you need to slam them shut, you really should take a look into it, or consider getting help from the professionals at R C Windows & Doors. We have years of experience dealing with problems like these and more. Give us a call.

Employing the above measures and smiling and waving on occasion should go far towards keeping you and your neighbors happy.

Some Minor Home Maintenance Tasks You Can Easily Do


Your home is the most expensive thing that you are likely to own. This is one of the reasons why you need to take good care of it and ensure that it is correctly maintained. There are a number of minor maintenance tasks that you might be tempted to call a professional to handle that you can easily do yourself.

Fixing A Broken Toilet Lever

Most people start to panic when they press the lever on their toilet and it does not flush. These people will generally think about calling a plumber to look at this, but this is actually something that you can easily fix yourself. The first step to doing this will be to open the top of the tank and seeing what the problem is.

In many cases, you will simply need to reattach the chain to the system. However, there are times when the handle could be corroded or a piece of the system has broken. In these cases, you will need to replace the lever and you can do this easily with a wrench and a replacement toilet lever kit.

Unclogging A Drain

Before you call the plumber to look at your clogged drain, you need to try fixing this yourself. The steps that you need to take will vary depending on the drain that you need to unclog. Using a plunger is the first option available, but you need to ensure that you are using the right one.

The plunger that you generally get from the hardware store will not work if you are trying to unclog your toilet. The brown plungers that you get should be used with a sink. A toilet plunger will have an extra piece of plastic at the bottom of the plunger that allows it to reach around the bend of the toilet bowl.

When using the plunger, you need to ensure that there is enough water to submerge the head in. Once in position, you should thrust downwards 8 to 10 times. Minor clogs will generally be shifted with this, but major clogs may take a bit more work. You might also have to use an auger instead of a plunger if you cannot shift the material that is clogging the drain.

Patching A Hole In Drywall

Holes in your drywall are unavoidable, but you can fix them rather easily when they are not too large. If you have holes in the drywall from nails and screws, you can fill them with putty and then leave this to dry. Once the putty is dry, you will need to sand it down until it is flat. You might want to apply a coat of paint to the wall if you want everything to blend seamlessly.

If you have a larger hole from a doorknob going through the wall, you will need to cut out a rectangular section of drywall surrounding the hole. You will then need to cut the same shape from a piece of drywall that you have bought. You can then use a small piece of wood to brace the new drywall into place and attach it. Then finish and paint.

Sliding Glass Door Problems

Many sliding glass door problems are caused by dirt and little rocks. Simply sweeping, vacuuming, or blowing them out can work wonders. For more serious window and sliding glass door problems in Palm Beach County be sure to contact R C Windows & Doors. We have the experience to have your window working like new in no time.

Preparing Your Home for a Disabled or Elderly Family Member


Preparing a home for a disabled or elderly family member can be challenging, and what needs to be done will depend on many factors. However, there are some pretty standard things you can do. With that said, below are four things you can do when the time comes to prepare a home for an elderly or disabled person.

1. Do things that will reduce the chances of a fall from happening. The fact is that elderly and disabled people, depending on the nature of their disability, are at risk of falling. In fact, every single year thousands and thousands of elderly experience a fall.

Do things such as remove rugs that are not safely installed to the floor in your home. Add a rubber bath mat to the shower or tub, and apply coatings that are slip resistant to the floor of the shower or any floor where the elderly or disabled person may walk. Doing such things will greatly reduce the chances of an accidental fall from happening.

2. Replace furniture that isn't stable, such as rocking chairs, or flimsy plastic chairs because such furniture will pose a safety risk if an elderly or disabled person tries to steady themselves using them. Not only should you do that, but install grab bars for the shower and near the toilet, and don't forget about installing levered faucets. If you want to make it easier for the person, then consider installing a portable shower seat, but do make sure you adjust it to the right height. By doing this, the person using it will find showering easier and it will be much safer for them.

3. Widening hallways and doorways is a good idea too because this will make getting around the home easier on the elderly person or disabled person. Generally speaking, you want hallways to be wide enough for a wheelchair to fit or for a walker to be used and things of that nature. Don't forget about sidewalks too because you'll want to make sure walkways to the home are wide enough and safe enough for the occupants to use. You might also want to consider installing a ramp because this will make it easier for an elderly or disabled person to enter and exit the home.

4. Lighting is another important thing to consider when preparing a home for an elderly or disabled person. If a person has poor eyesight, then replacing existing bulbs with ones that are brighter is a smart move to make. Plus, newer light bulbs tend to be more energy efficient and they last a lot longer, but do try to utilize natural light whenever you can. Also, consider installing a lighting system that can be controlled via a remote, as this will make turning lights on and off easier for the person.

Bringing more light into the home by opening or enlarging your windows can not only help a disabled or older person to see better, but can improve the view outside, and help with their mood and feelings of being less confined.

Sure, some of the things mentioned above can cost a little to do, and they also require doing some work. However, doing those things will improve the quality of life of the person living in the home. If you need to prepare a home for a disabled or elderly person, consider these tips as a starting point towards making your home a safer place to live.

5 Tips for Beautifying the Outside of Your Home


Beautifying the outside of your home is the way to add some curb appeal to your property as well as value. In fact, if you're ever looking to put your home on the market, a house with a lovely well-kept yard, great siding, and special touches is a home that potential buyers would be happy to call their own. Of course, very few homeowners have an endless budget, so here are five tips for beautifying the outside of your home without spending an arm and a leg!

1. Paint the Front Door and Trim

What better way to wake up your style and add interest to the outside of your home than with paint? Many homeowners are afraid to use bold colors when applying paint, but don't be! A bright red or blue door is a great way to complement any style while calling attention to the architectural features of your home.

2. Upgrade Your Mailbox

The mailbox in front of your house says a lot about your personality and your property. If you have a dilapidated mailbox that looks like it's about to fall over, it really doesn't send the right message about your home. Upgrading your mailbox is very affordable and there are plenty of designs that you can safely choose from. Make sure to check with your city and take their restrictions into consideration when making your choice.

3. Plant a Tree or Shrubs

Trees and shrubs are an instant way to add curb appeal to any piece of real estate. Of course, do proceed with caution and make sure to consider your climate, your soil, and how much time you can dedicate to caring for your lawn. A new sapling or some aptly placed shrubbery is all it takes for you to breathe some life into your home.

4. Replace Old House Numbers

House numbers aren't just the only way to identify your property, but also a way to add plenty of curb appeal. Crumbling and hard to read numbers won't be doing your property any favors, so make sure to replace them with something new and modern. Wooden or metal house numbers can complement pretty much any exterior design and will up the outside appeal of the home.

5. Add Window Boxes

Is your home drab without any color? You can instantly purchase or DIY your own window boxes to house plants or flowers that can enhance the look and feel of your house. Of course, you do need to care for the plants if they're to add curb appeal and not become an eyesore down the line. Make sure you're ready to care for plants before investing in them!

It's easy to beautify a home even on a tight budget, but you do have to use your imagination. There are so many things you can do in order to make your home relaxing and appealing to people in your neighborhood. Don't forget that great curb appeal can also add value and make it easier to sell your home.

Preparing Your Home For A Hurricane - A Basic Guide


The threat of hurricanes seems to be even more of a major concern these days. In the event that your town is projected to take the brunt of potential tropical storm damage, it's best to make sure that your home is as well prepared as possible to remain standing. You should still plan on evacuating elsewhere with your loved ones and pets of course, but you just might be able to come back home to an intact structure if you take the necessary precautions. Make sure to check for the following:

1 - Windows Safety

First of all, make sure that all of your windows have shutters installed. You can do this yourself of course, but the best possible course of action is to have high-grade units installed by professionals. If you can't afford that particular investment however, just make sure you do your research so you can guarantee any self-installed shutters are as structurally sound as possible.

Taping windows before a storm is a myth that can actually do more harm than good. When taped, window that are are can break in to larger more dangerous shards of glass.

Opening your windows a bit to stabilize pressure is also a myth that can add to the danger of a storm. Your home can breath just fine with the windows closed. Allowing large gusts of wind into the home will not help the situation and can cause further damage to the interior.

2 - The Roof

You should also take great care in securing you roof. Roofs are among the most highly damaged aspects of any home during a hurricane. You'll need to inspect the tiles and shingles so that you can nail down any that might be loose. You should also brace your gable ends and install hurricane straps if necessary. Finally, consider having a water barrier installed under the roof itself. A professional contractor can really work wonders in getting all of this done properly.

3 - Doors

Of course, you'll also need to make sure that your doors are adequately protected. If left vulnerable, any degree of hurricane or flying debris impact could damage or cave your doors in. It's hard to go wrong with the installation of shutters or impact windows.

4 - Trees And Shrubbery

You should also take a look around your yard to see if there are any tree limbs or shrubbery near your home that could become projectiles. Be sure to trim or remove anything that looks as if it could end up hitting your windows. reword to: hitting Ideally, you'll need to do this quite a bit ahead of the storm so that you can adequately do away with the debris.

5 - Other Precautions

Finally, you'll want to make sure that any new materials you use for the likes of coverings or shutters are in keeping with state regulations. This typically won't be a problem if you buy everything locally or work with a contractor.

With all of that in mind, you should have the basics for preparing your home for a hurricane down pat. If you're forced to stay in the area, be sure to gas up your vehicle beforehand and buy ample supplies such as bottled water and canned foods just in case. You'll want to make a safe area of your home
(i.e. the bathtub or a storm shelter) is readily accessible as well.

Tips for Keeping Your Home Cool Even Without Air Conditionioning


Having an air conditioning system at home is a must in South Florida, especially in the summer season. But what if you want to reduce your energy consumption by turning off your air conditioning on certain days, or at certain times of the day? Is there still a way to keep your home cool even when your air conditioning is not running? It might seem impossible to do this but yes, there's still a way for you to keep your home at a nice temperature. Here are some tips for keeping your home comfortable, even without AC.

Close Your Blinds

Keep the sun's rays from entering your home through windows by closing your blinds or your curtains. Yes, it might be a simple tip but it can make a difference in your house's temperature. According to experts, it can reduce your home's temperature up to 20 degrees. This is because 30% of the heat in your home comes from your house's windows. So remember to close that curtain from now on!

Tint Your Windows

Tinted windows can cut down on a lot of heat that’s transmitted through your windows and into your home. There are all kinds of tints you can use, including mirror-like reflective tints.

Plant Shade Trees & Shrubs

Hot roofs and walls transmit a ton of heat into a home. Strategically positioned shade trees and shrubs not only look great but can work wonders when it comes to keeping your roof and walls cool. They could even provide support for a hammock if you really want to relax and go native.

Open The Doors

While your blinds should be closed, your doors must be kept open if you want your house to have a cool temperature even without your air conditioner. The idea behind this tip is to allow air to freely go inside your home. Having fresh air in your home is also very refreshing! Having screen doors will come in handy for keeping bugs out.

Use A Fan!

Do you want to feel the cool breeze? Then this simple life hack is for you! Simply get an ice pack or anything cold and position it in front of your fan. This will allow the air coming from your fan to be mistier and extra-chilled. No need to go to the beach at night!

Use The Right Sheets

The cold season is over and now it's time to ditch your fleece blanket and flannel sheets for something more comfortable on summer seasons like cotton sheets and buckwheat pillows. Using the right kind of materials in the hot seasons will make you feel more comfortable when sleeping or relaxing in your bed. Changing your sheets will also make your room fresher and cozier!

Grill Your Food

Whether it's for an ordinary day or for special occasions, grilling your food in the summer is not only fun but will also help with your home's temperature. Using stoves or ovens on summer seasons makes your home feel hotter. Take out that grilling recipe book and your outdoor grilling equipment to make the best kinds of dishes without making your home hotter.


If you want your home to feel cooler every day not only in the summer so that you can always turn off the AC when you want to and still feel comfortable, then consider improving your home and your environment.

Turning off your air conditioning every once in a while will not only help you save energy but will also help the environment. Planting trees and shrubs is also a great thing to do that will help the planet. These tips might be simple, but they can help you greatly if used correctly.