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Pay the Expert Vs. Do it Yourself

We’ve all pondered over the eternal question: “Should I do it myself, or should I pay an expert to do it for me?” There’s a good reason for that question. Most of us don’t have bottomless pockets. If we did, the answer would always be simple: If it isn’t fun or pleasurable, pay someone else to do it – of course. So the real question should NOT be: “Should I do it myself, or should I pay an expert to do it for me?” The real question should be: “Would I enjoy doing this; and/or will it save me time and/or money to pay an expert to do it for me? The first part of the question is easy enough to answer. If you’d really like to do the project at hand, whether it’s a home repair project, like fixing a sliding glass door, or a home beautification project like putting up new curtains on your windows, and you have the spare time, then just go for it. If your hobby is restoring antique cars, and you like working on engines, then, by all means, have at it. If on the other hand, you don’t mind working with your hands,

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Interesting Facts About Screen Doors and Windows

Did you know that a woman invented the modern screen door? Her name was Hannah Harger, from Iowa, and she invented the screen door in 1887. More than likely she was just trying to keep bugs out of her home, and away from her fresh-baked pies. Nowadays, you can see screen doors and windows on homes and offices all across America, and in fact all around the world. Not only do they keep bugs and birds out of your home, but they are often decorative and can actually enhance the look and resale value of your home. There are basically two types of screen door materials currently being used: aluminum, and wood. When talking about aluminum screen doors, there are currently two types of construction: roll-formed, and extruded. The different varieties serve different purposes decoratively, and there is also a difference in price. Roll-formed screen doors are the least expensive because they are made by shaping rolls of aluminum into square tubes. These inexpensive tubes are used to create the frame. Extruded aluminum frames are more expensive to make, but they are also stronger, and can generally be repaired more easily if they ever break. Wood-framed doors, which are the

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The Importance of Maintaining Sliding Glass Doors

Did you know that you could extend the life of your sliding glass doors for years, with proper maintenance? Practicing a few common-sense ideas will save you both money, and aggravation. Here are a few things you should know about your sliding glass doors. First of all, you’ll want to realize that sliding glass doors have moving parts, and that anything with moving parts has the potential to wear down and wear out. The door’s moving parts consist of, rollers, wheels, locks, latches, etc. The non-moving parts that come in contact with the moving parts are things like the tracks, the frame, the glass, etc. Many of these things can wear out or break if they’re not taken care of properly and maintained on a regular basis. There is also the potential for doors to stick when parts wear out, or debris and junk build up in the tracks (usually the bottom track). Debris builds up because people and pets step over the track all the time, and drop dust, dirt, and sand from their shoes and feet into the track. Animals and humans also shed hair all the time, and that hair builds up in the track if it’s

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Replacing Broken Window Glass

When replacing broken window glass, there are a few questions that need to be asked. First, is the window wood, aluminum, or vinyl? Here in Florida these are the three main types and each one has to be approached differently. Next, is the window a single hung, double hung, awning, ect.? Finally, is the window glass impact or non-impact? Clear or tinted? Wood windows are usually in older homes and the glass is normally single-strength, clear glass that is putty glazed in the window sash. Aluminum windows are a bit different for replacing broken window glass. Normally the glass is set in the frame with silicone and is held in place with aluminum glazing bead to hold it there while the silicone dries. Then there are the vinyl windows. When replacing broken window glass in vinyl windows there are a couple different ways to do so, depending on the type of vinyl window you have. In a lot of the higher quality vinyl windows it is similar to the aluminum windows, there is a silicone or a two sided sticky tape for setting the glass in the frame and a snap bead holds it there firmly in place. Then there are the

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