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"Ron did an outstanding job replacing several windows in our house. We have had him back for all of our window projects and I have referred him several times to friends and family. He is prompt, courteous, professional and his prices are excellent for the high quality of work he does."

--Chad Palmer
West Palm Beach

Sliding Glass Door Repair in Ocala

Sliding glass doors are wonderful to use when they're in good condition. They are a great addition to any family room or any room that looks out onto a patio, pool, or back yard. But when your sliding doors no longer move as they should, you need help from an expert. For sliding glass door repair in Ocala contact R C Windows & Doors. Remember, you don't always have to replace your sliding doors if they're giving you a hard time. We can usually repair your sliding doors and make them work and look as good as new.

How do sliding glass doors work?

Sliding doors move or slide along a track that sits in a frame. This track is often made of aluminum but can be made of plastic or wood as well. Some sliding doors have rollers at the top and bottom of the door panels, and some have rollers only at the bottom.

Lightweight sliding doors are sometimes hung from the top rail. Heavier weight door panels, such as those that are used as a patio door, usually sit on or in a bottom rail.

The heavier external doors usually have one panel that is stationary and attaches to the frame permanently on one side. One door panel is mobile and rolls along the track to open and close.

Sliding doors are locked with any of a variety of available latches, usually dependent on the manufacturer's preferences.

What types of problems do sliding doors have?

Rollers or bearings wear out over time. They usually last about 6-10 years. When they wear out, they can usually be replaced with new replacement rollers or bearings.

Tracks can wear out or get chewed up. This happens because of regular use, or because dirt and rocks get in the bottom track, and then they are ground in by the normal use of the door. Tracks can be repaired by capping them.

Sticky doors that don't roll or that want to jump the track are sometimes symptoms of a bigger problem. However, they are often caused by worn rollers or bearings, or damaged tracks, or a combination of both problems.

Water seeping in or under a sliding glass door when it rains is a common door problem in Ocala. This can happen when the railing or tracks are severely worn or damaged. It's also possible that drainage holes are clogged or calking is dried out.

Truth be told, any of these problems can be repaired by a competent do-it-yourself, with all the necessary tools, good instruction, and someone to help. But it can be dangerous, and time-consuming to do it yourself. There is so much that can go wrong. And don't forget, glass can break. Is it worth the risk? We don't think so. That's why we think you should give us a call if your sliding glass doors aren't working the way they're supposed to.

Benefits of Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding Glass Doors in OcalaTimes have changed. A lot of interior design techniques have come up to increase both style and convenience. Sliding doors are a great accessory. They have a way of transforming your home into a unique space. Most households prefer to place the sliding doors in the kitchen or rooms that lead to the compound due to a lot of traffic in these areas. You may, however, choose to place them in any room, depending on your convenience. Their ability to enhance your living space makes most people invest in good quality sliding doors. If you are considering renovating your living space from a traditional to a modernized touch, you may consider having the sliding doors installed. Without any doubt, you will have made the right decision considering the benefits that come with having sliding doors. Have a look at some of the benefits of having sliding doors in your home.

Easy Access

One thing about having the sliding doors is the fact that they are simple to use. You do not need any superior knowledge to operate them. Once you glide them along the track, they open, allowing you to pass without any restrictions. Their ability to offer quick and easy access makes it ideal especially in commonly used areas. Besides, they are much larger than regular doors making it easy to move large objects from one room to another. This prevents the occurrence of dents forming on walls as you move objects across rooms. These doors do not have knobs to turn such that they open effortlessly. This is convenient when you have guests at the house.

Natural Light

Sliding doors have large glass panes that allow natural light to enter your house during the day. This is great because the lighting covers a vast area such that you may not even require to turn on any lights in your home. Also, in case you find that the light is too much for you, or you require some privacy, you may choose to add blinds for your own convenience. Most importantly, the natural light penetrating the house enables one to save energy hence cutting down the home’s utility bills. You will find that natural lighting makes the home more exciting and welcoming. Also, there are glass doors that have argon gas in between the glass panes, allowing you to keep the excess heat out of your home during summer. The glass has superior qualities such that it improves energy efficiency and limits the penetration of harmful UV rays.


Most sliding doors are secure and prevent entrance by burglars. The reason for this is because of the aluminum seals which keep the doors shut at all times. Unlocking the door from the outside is tough. The rails on the sliding doors are interlocked such that they cannot be removed from outside. The good thing about using sliding doors is that one can actually install locks depending on their needs. For example, some locks secure the top and bottom parts of the doors, while at the same time, ensuring that there is a tight compression of the door’s insulation. With this in place, burglars cannot easily access the house. For safety purposes, most homeowners buy sliding doors with shatterproof safety glass.

Sliding doors are a better alternative since they have a way of ensuring your things are safe, allow you to save energy as well as provide easy access to you and your guests while in the house. Besides, they also add style to your home making you feel proud to own such a home. Investing in sliding doors is definitely a wise decision.

We Repair Sliding Doors in Ocala

If a door is so badly worn out that it will be cheaper or more cost-effective to replace the door, we'll let you know. If it only needs a few parts and a tune-up, we'll let you know that as well. At R C Windows and Doors we're all about doing what's right for you.

There's no doubt as a consumer you have a lot of options when you need sliding door repair in Ocala. Here are several reasons we think you should consider R C Windows & Doors first:

We have decades of experience fixing and installing all types of windows and doors.

We do not send commissioned salespeople to sell your products and services you don't need.

We truly care about our customers and have a long-term view. We want to see you again in the future, and we want your referrals.

We are licensed, bonded, and insured.

If you need sliding glass door repair in Ocala, give us a call. We think you'll see the difference between R C Windows & Doors, and any other window repair guys, the first time you meet us.

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