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Sliding Glass Door Repair in Lake Worth


sliding glass door repair lake worth flAt R C Windows & Doors we specialize in doing expert sliding glass door repairs in Lake Worth, Florida.

It's not always necessary to replace your doors when they don't work properly. Sometimes it just takes a little bit of maintenance and your sticky sliding doors are working like new again.

Although people don't usually give them much thought, people do love their sliding glass doors. That's why they seem to be on almost every home in South Florida. Sliding doors are a great way to open a family room or dining room to the scenic outdoors. They are fantastic doors for areas like a patio or pool. They allow light to come in while keeping out the bugs and elements.

How Sliding Glass Doors Work

Sliding glass doors work by sliding through a frame on an aluminum track. Sometimes this track is made out of plastic, wood, or even stainless steel, but aluminum seems to be the material of choice these days. The doors slide through the frame on rollers. These rollers are usually on the bottom of the door panel, but can also be on the top of the door.

The heavier the door, the more likely it is to roll on the bottom track. Lighter doors can be hung from the top track.
In heavier doors, one panel is typically attached to the wall rail on one side, leaving one free rolling door.

The doors can be locked closed by sliding latches that come standard on most doors. Additional security can be added if desired.

Sliding Glass Door Problems

Rollers and bearings usually last about 6-10 years before they start to wear out and cause problems. When they eventually do start to wear a qualified window repair specialist can replace them.

Tracks also wear out or get beaten up over time. Dirt and rocks are the usual culprits when tracks start degrading. Sliding glass door tracks can be capped if they are worn and causing problems.

Sticky doors are often caused by damaged tracks and or worn rollers. Some doors with these problems can actually jump the track and cause damage or injury. It's best to call a specialist right away if your door looks like it may jump the track.

Water seeping in can be a common problem in Lake Worth or anywhere in South Florida – especially during the rainy season. Bad railings and tracks, or clogged drainage holes can be some of the reasons for leaks and water seepage.

If you're noticing any of the above problems with your sliding glass doors in Lake Worth, it's usually cost-effective to call an expert and get the repair done right. Handling large panels of glass without experience or the right tools can be downright dangerous.

Sliding Glass Door Repair in Lake Worth

When it comes to sliding glass door repair in Lake Worth you need someone with experience. Give us a call as soon as you notice anything out of the ordinary happening with your sliding doors. We have years of experience and can tell you right away what your best course of action should be.

At R C Windows we're all about doing the right thing to correct your door and window problems in a cost-efficient manner. We enjoy making our customers happy with our quality service and fair pricing.

Here are a few reasons we think you should consider using R C Windows & Doors:

We have decades of experience in this business, fixing and installing sliding glass doors and most types of windows and doors.

We don't play games and won't recommend services or other things you don't need.

We want to see you again and again whenever you have a door or window problem or just want to upgrade or replace what you have. We also want your referrals.

We have a long-term view when it comes to building our business and gaining customers. That means we treat you right.
We are licensed, bonded, and insured.

Give us a call. We think you'll see the difference between R C Windows & Doors, and any other window repair service in Lake Worth.