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Our Customers Say

"Ron did an outstanding job replacing several windows in our house. We have had him back for all of our window projects and I have referred him several times to friends and family. He is prompt, courteous, professional and his prices are excellent for the high quality of work he does."

--Chad Palmer
West Palm Beach

Door Service Lake Worth

Door Service Lake WorthWhere do you go for great Door Service Lake Worth style? The answer is R C Windows & Doors. Why? Well, we have decades of experience and are licensed, bonded and insured to start. Additionally we want you as a long time customer. We are not interested in hitting and running. Most Door Service Lake Worth issues can be settled by proper maintenance not by replacing parts, or entire doors. The weather in South Florida can be very hard on sliding glass doors, so it's our pleasure and our duty at R C Windows and Doors to help the homeowner understand how they can both help themselves and us by performing proper maintenance from time to time. It's really not that difficult and anyone can do it. Any Door Service Lake Worth company can replace parts on your door, but wouldn't you rather have a partner that is more interested in saving you money and therefore getting referrals by our customers down the road? Repeat customers are our primary goal and how can we do that, if we don't help you save money? Knowledge is power as they say and we can give you some basic tips to help you help yourself.

Door Repair in Lake Worth

Who does the best Door Repair in Lake Worth? R C Windows and Doors of course! Most often, Door Repair in Lake Worth homes is all that's needed. It's not always necessary to replace, replace, replace. As a regular customer we can help you do basic maintenance, which will help extend the life of your doors. Often, even in older homes new parts are not even needed, but if they are you can count on R C Windows and Doors to do only necessary Door Repair in Lake Worth. We can show you how to make sure the drainage holes are cleaned out before and after every hard rain and how to tell, if your doors are not gliding properly in their tracks. The easiest way for you to check your doors is by eye, so you really don't even have to lift a finger to help cut down on wear and tear and the possibility of an expensive Door Repair in Lake Worth scenario. The most difficult task for you the customer is to try and keep the tracks clean and free of little pebbles and debris - just a matter of a little follow up in between storms.

We Fix Doors in Lake Worth

We Fix Doors in Lake Worth, so you don't have to search for anyone else to do the job. R C Windows and Doors is there for you with decades of experience and steadfast goals of helping our customers keep their door repair costs low and infrequent. That's how We Fix Doors in Lake Worth. We help you to help both us and yourself. Just let us know as soon as possible when you think there might be something wrong with your door because early maintenance and repair will definitely save you money in the long term. This is why We Fix Doors in Lake Worth rather than replace them. It's often, just not necessary, especially when as customers in the past you have been monitoring the performance of your doors and notifying us of any potential issues in a timely manner.

R C Windows & Doors can help

R C Windows & Doors can help with any door issue or question that you may have. That is not just a motto. It's the way we operate. R C Windows & Doors can help our customers save money. We have been in business for decades and we want your business as a repeat customer as well. Referrals are the best way a business can advertise itself and by helping our customers save money R C Windows & Doors can help both you and us by doing only necessary work and help our customers look out for potential issues in the future. We here at R C Windows & Doors take the long view. We hope that both our company and you will be around for a long time to come and we want to work together in saving you money.

Please feel free to contact us in Lake Worth at: 561-967-8679

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