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When Do Doors and Windows Need Service?

Many people don’t realize that doors and windows, just like cars, need to be serviced on occasion. Although many people wait until their doors or windows are inoperable before calling a window and door repair company, it’s not always the smart thing to do. The best thing to do is to have a specialist check out all your windows and doors, including your sliding glass doors on a regular basis, or at least at the first sign that something is not working perfectly as it should on one of your windows or doors.

Doors can have problems with hinges, latches, locking mechanisms, and such. They can warp and swell, and wind up with problems opening and closing or locking. They often require being taken down off the hinges in order to do a proper and lasting repair. Some quick preventative maintenance can work wonders towards keeping your doors healthy and trouble-free.

Sliding glass doors suffer their own unique problems. There can be issues with rollers and bearings, tracks, frames, latches, and locks. Common symptoms are sticking and jumping tracks. Again, preventative maintenance will keep you from running into problems and can reduce the frequency and cost of repairs.

Windows also have bothersome issues upon occasion. Sticking and difficulty opening or closing are some of the types of problems you may notice. Many of the difficulties of windows stem from the side mechanisms wearing out and breaking.

So if one of your windows or doors is suffering from any of the problems mentioned above, it’s a good time to get a quick repair and to get the rest of your doors and windows checked out. Malfunctioning windows and doors are also a big risk to your safety. Learn more about home safety here.

At R C Window & Doors we are qualified window and door repair specialists. We’ll help you make an informed decision about the best and most cost-effective ways to repair and maintain all your windows and doors. Give us a call, and we’ll be happy to provide you with repairs and maintenance.