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What Type of Door is Best for You?

There are lots of different types of doors to choose from – some of the common, some not so common. Here is some information about various door options that you have when it comes to decorating and improving your home. You may be surprised at the variety of solutions.

Hinged Doors:
The hinged door is without a doubt the most popular door around. You see them everywhere, from the front door to almost any home, to the door for most bedrooms and bathrooms. When you see a door with hinges on one side, and a handle or a knob on the other, you’re probably looking at a hinged door.

French Doors:
These doors are perfect for bedrooms and home offices. They are comprised of two door panels with their hinges on the outer edges and a lock in the middle. They can have outer panels as well. They swing open in a grand way, creating a big opening to enter and leave a room through. They are typically made mostly from glass, and therefore give a very light and airy feel to any room in which they are used.

Dutch Doors:
Dutch Doors, also know as stable doors, are not common at all unless maybe you live on a farm in the midwest. They are doors that are divided in half so there is a top door and a bottom door. They are great for keeping pets inside while allowing half the door to remain open. They are also great if you have horses.

Stacker Doors:
Stacker Doors and Sliding Stacker Doors slide or stack accordion-style to one side of a room, or from the middle to both sides. They often span an entire wall from end to end. They allow a home to have a huge opening to the outside, such as to a swimming pool area, or to a large beautiful backyard.

Sliding Doors:
We’ve all seen sliding glass doors, as they are very popular these days. They are great because they allow a large area of glass to act as a door while opening up any room to the outdoors. They’re also great for allowing lots of natural light into a room.

Security Screen Doors:
These are not really doors, but an enhancement for your doors. They are usually made of metal or aluminum, and contain screens and often bars integrated into the design. They bolt onto the outside of your existing doors and protect your home from intruders and bugs.