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The Dangers of Old Windows and Doors

Most people never really think about the danger and pitfalls of having old windows that seem to be OK or are out of repair. Not only can they create safety issues, but they can also cost you money. In this article, I’m going to go into some of these issues so you can decide if it’s time to replace or repair your windows.

Balance rods in windows often wear out or go bad. Single-hung windows are very prone to this. You’ll know when this has happened because the window will not want to stay up properly, and will have a tendency to slip, stick, or won’t open at all. If the problem goes too far without being repaired, the window can slip on someone’s hand, or just come crashing down one day and break the glass. Not only is broken glass dangerous, but it’s a security issue as well. Best to get this taken care of long before running into a problem.

Jalousie windows, which are slats of glass inserted into a frame that is locked on a track, were very common in the 1950s in States that have moderate winters like Florida. You can still see them all almost everywhere in the South. Although they look good and do a great job of letting lots of breeze into a home, they are a target for thieves. Most of them are so easy to break into all a thief needs is a screwdriver or a little piece of metal to bend the little pieces of metal that hold the window slats in place. If yours are worn and starting to stick, it’s probably a great time to change them out for something more modern and safe.

Many of these problems are similar for your doors as well. Especially since many doors contain windows of some sort. There are even jalousie-type doors. And even doors that don’t contain windows can be prone to wood rot, hinge problems, sticky locks, and other issues that are better repaired than left until it’s too late.

But don’t worry. A quick inspection of your premises will tell you if it’s time to replace or repair these homeowner problems. Fixing or replacing your windows will not only result in having a better-looking home with the better resale value, but will save you lots of money on your electric bills, and keep your family safe from intruders and pests.