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Six Great Reasons to Replace Exterior Doors

So your front and back doors are starting to look a little dated and faded. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s time to shell out your hard-earned cash for replacements – or does it? Here are some great reasons to seriously consider updating and upgrading the doors to your home. You decide if it’s time to make the investment or not.

Original doors are beyond repair: This reason is a no-brainer. If your original doors are worn and damaged beyond repair, or it will cost too much to make fixing them worthwhile, you’ll want to get some nice new high-quality doors on your home as quickly as possible.
Curb appeal: Maybe your current doors still look OK, or can look OK after a quick going over by your local window and door company. In that case, you may want to just refinish. But maybe OK isn’t good enough anymore. The economy is getting better, and home prices are rising again. You may want to consider making a small investment into the single most important thing that people see first when they drive by or come to visit? You’ll be amazed at how much better your home will look with nice new doors on it.

Energy Efficiency: New energy-efficient doors will seal the hot out and the air conditioning in. Not only that, but they will insulate the heat so it doesn’t radiate into the home through the door itself (not just through cracks and seams around the edges). Depending on the doors you currently have, it’s possible that the savings over time can entirely pay for new doors. And, any time you can get something that will pay for itself, which will beautify your home, and increase its value, it’s always a great deal.

Security: They say that if someone wants to get in badly enough, they can get in. But why make it easy for them? Anything you can do to enhance your security and the looks of your security sends a message to potential bad guys. Solid, sturdy-looking doors tell thieves to look elsewhere for trouble – and will act as a barrier to protect your family and belongings.

Hurricane Safety: You more than likely have hurricane protection for your windows, but have you thought about your doors? Doors can blow in or out if they’re not strong enough. And a good seal will ensure that the wind and rain don’t blow in the next time Mother Nature decides to lash out. Get hurricane-rated doors and you may also be able to take advantage of our next good reason to replace your doors.

Insurance Savings: Did you know that many insurance companies will give you a discount if you have certain types of doors on your home? This has to do with the new hurricane impact-rated building codes. Look at your policy or call your agent to find out how to qualify, and how much you can save.

Upgrade of Materials: Maybe your original doors can be refinished and repainted one more time. But many older wooden doors will have to be refurbished every couple of years because they just don’t hold up well. New fiberglass doors do not suffer from this problem. They last for a very long time without needing anything but an occasional cleaning – paying for themselves in no time.