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The Best Ways to Make Your Windows & Doors More Secure

Make Your Windows & Doors More Secure with These Tips

Out of all of the reported break-ins and burglaries that occur in the United States, over 40 percent of them are caused by intruders entering into homes through windows and doors that are unlocked. The good news is that you can avoid having your home included in this statistic by ramping up security around the windows and doors by following a few tips.

The majority of intruders enter into homes due to the careless actions of homeowners such as keeping windows and doors unlocked and/or using inexpensive fixtures. However, when windows and doors are secure, you will be able to prevent unwanted visitors from gaining access to the inside of your home.

Security Upgrades For Windows

You should never make it easy for thieves to enter your home. You can use these simple safety tips to make your windows secure so thieves are not able to enter.

One of the first things that you can do is upgrade the locks on your windows. Locks that are not working properly are ineffective at keeping your windows secure. So, repair or change the locks on your windows and keep them locked.

You can also add grills or bars to your windows to keep thieves out. These are metal bars that you can install as part of your home’s security system. However, keep in mind that these bars can also become a barrier that slows down exiting the home in case of an emergency.

Window cameras and floodlights are easy-to-install fixtures that can add an extra layer of security in and around your windows. Keep in mind that thieves prefer to work in darkness and isolation. By having floodlights shining on your windows, thieves will think twice about using the windows on your home as entry points.

Although it is generally not recommended to plant vegetation near windows because they can function as a hide-out spot for thieves, thorny vegetation such as a crown of thorns plant will make would keep criminals away.

Front Door Security

Even though it may seem as though the front door of your home would not be an entry point for thieves because of its visibility, almost 35 percent of thieves use the front door to enter a home. They accomplish this by either:

  • Kicking the door in
  • Picking the lock
  • Opening a door that is unlocked

Fortunately, you can secure the front door to your home with these effective safety solutions.

You can prevent your front door from being kicked in or wedged open by installing a door that is constructed with reinforced wood or steel. Wood and steel are two materials that are very durable and are not easily damaged.

Doors made from fiberglass or metal can also be installed as front doors, but you should make sure there is additional reinforcement inside of the door so it cannot be damaged by a car jack.

Also, consider installing a front door that does not have a window design. It is common to see homes that have front doors with windows. These windows add to the home’s curb appeal and bring in additional natural light, but they can also be broken by thieves who are looking for entry into your home.

Landscaping also adds curb appeal to your home, but you should avoid placing large vegetation near the front door. This vegetation can inadvertently cause a private and obscure hiding area for thieves.

You should never rely on an inexpensive deadbolt or a door lock to protect your home from thieves. Choose a quality deadbolt that can be inserted deep within the door frame. This will help to prevent home invasions and kick-ins.

An interior lock can also be installed on the back of the door that does not have key access. Examples of these types of locks are chains and sliding bolts. These types of features are virtually theft-proof.

Flimsy door frames can also be kicked in easily by a burglar. You can make your door frame more secure by installing a box strike into the wall and the jamb for more security. The jamb can then be reinforced with galvanized steel.

Sliding Glass Door Security

Thieves and homeowners both know that sliding glass doors are not very effective when it comes to keeping thieves out. In fact, the standard sliding glass door locks on the market are nothing more than latches that fit loosely on sliding doors. If the door is manipulated with enough force, it can become easily displaced off of the track. As a result, the sliding door becomes a simple entry point into your home. This is why sliding glass door security, maintenance, and repair are very important. 

Sliding glass doors are also known as hotspots among thieves because sliding doors allow thieves to see what possessions are inside of the home. In addition, since sliding doors are usually on the back of homes, a thief can enter the home with little to no detection.

Although sliding glass doors are easy points of entry, you can upgrade the features on your sliding glass door to keep burglars out. For example, you can install upgraded features such as reinforced plastic or glass.

You can also add security locks and vibration sensors to prevent easy access to your home. After installing new locks and sensors, you can also add metal or wooden dowel behind the door in the track so the door cannot be forcefully opened.

By making the windows and doors on your home more secure and less inviting to burglars, what you are essentially doing is buying time. Most thieves want to enter and exit your home as quickly as possible so they are not detected. However, when you reinforce the weakest entry points of your home with upgraded features, it will take longer for them to gain access to your home. This will leave thieves frustrated and they will likely abandon the attempted break-in.

If you place the above-mentioned safety measures in place, you will add a layer of security in and around your home that will deter thieves and give your family peace of mind.