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Modernizing Your Windows to Improve the Appearance of Your Home

Contemporary style includes various styles starting from the latter part of the 20th century. The style features rounder and softer lines, instead of the sharp and harsh lines associated with modern decor. Also, contemporary styles focus on utilizing lighting for enhancing focal points.

To provide your home with a contemporary style, your windows can help you achieve that. In this article we will be showing you some of the different ways that windows can be installed to create a contemporary style for your home.

Upgrade Your Windows To Enhance Your Contemporary Décor

After you have selected your contemporary furniture, staged your art pieces and focal points, painted the walls, and made other changes for creating a contemporary appearance, make sure your windows complement your brand new look. More than likely it will make sense to have the window work done before the rest of the work so as to keep dust on your new furnishings to a minimum.

If there are old windows in your house with wooden frames, they might conflict with your contemporary style, since wood might convey a more rustic or country style. Also, if your windows are multi-framed with flat frames, they might draw attention away from a contemporary design since flat frames feature a design that is more modern.

In order to enhance your brand new contemporary decor, your current windows should be replaced with up-to-date ones. Multi-framed windows are okay if there is a soft roundness to the frames. Another good idea is installing more windows on walls that have lots of empty space. That can help to pull in more natural light to your house, which gives the appearance of a bigger space and helps to create a contemporary appearance.

Also, windows that have strong geometric shapes help to enhance the contemporary style, however it is important to stick with softer frames. Another way of enhancing your contemporary style look is to use corner windows.

One good option for you to consider is to replace your old windows and install new, double-paned windows. Double-paned windows provide more insulation that helps to keep your house at a comfortable temperature and not having to pay high energy bills.

Show Off Your Windows In The Right Way

When it comes to color, window frames should either be white or bronze, which are the two main colors used in contemporary home decor. There is plenty of bare wall space in contemporary style, so uniquely shaped windows can be used to introduce more lines into the space’s appearance. The space around windows should be kept bare in order to strengthen your contemporary feeling. With this type of style you also don’t want any window coverings on the windows. You also should remove any decorative flower boxes that are on the exterior of your house underneath the windows. When those flower boxes are seen through the inside of the windows, it gives a country ranch style look, which is contradictory to a contemporary feel. To achieve a contemporary feel, you don’t want to utilize window coverings, so a reflective tinting should be installed on the exterior of your windows for added privacy. This reflective tint can give your windows a mirror-like appearance from the exterior, to prevent people from being able to see inside of your house during the day. For privacy at night, when using reflective tint, lights can be installed on the outside of windows which are brighter than inside ones. The brighter outside light will cause reflective light to operate at night in the same way that it does during the day. Pull-down blinds can also be installed so that they are out of the way during day when you are wanting to show your great windows off and then pulled down during the night time hours for privacy.

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