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Tips For Being A Good Neighbor

Being a good neighbor is all about being considerate of others and respecting their need for privacy, peace, and harmony. Good fences may make good neighbors but there are other steps that you can take to ensure that you are the ideal neighbor.

1. Visibility

Be aware that your neighbors can probably see everything that you are doing in your yard and in your home if you do not take steps to minimize your visibility. Window treatments are essential but this doesn’t mean that you have to keep your drapes, curtains or blinds closed in order to maintain privacy. Consider reflective window treatments which prevent your neighbors from seeing in while allowing you to still benefit from being able to see out and getting all the natural light during the day.

2. Noise

There is nothing quite as irritating as a noisy neighbor. If you like entertaining and have loud music and guests on a regular basis, employ some noise dampening measures or limit noise to a specific time at night, especially during the week. Noise dampening measures are most effective on windows and doors.

Ask your guests to be more respectful of neighbors, especially when they arrive on your property. Inform your neighbors when you expect to be noisy like when there will be a construction project taking place or you are celebrating an occasion when entertaining can be expected to run into the early hours of the morning.

3. Cleanliness

A messy yard or home lowers the value of property in the entire neighborhood and is simply an eyesore. Don’t leave rubble, rubbish, or refuse lying around. Keep in mind that leaving rubbish lying around is unhygienic and can present certain health hazards apart from which the smell is just awful.

Trim your lawn and cutback large trees, especially if they may be encroaching on the property boundary. A beautifully and well-maintained property will draw admiration and praise from your neighbors rather than complaints. Remember to keep a clean home too if your neighbors can see in through your windows.

4. Light

This is one of the lesser considered aspects of being a good neighbor but the light that your house produces can affect your neighbors, especially outdoor lights, and bright security lighting. Ask your neighbors if any of your lights are bothering them and make the necessary adjustments.

If you are being affected by a neighbor’s lights, consider installing full black-out window treatments rather than complaining. Keep in mind that lights are often installed for security reasons and your neighbor’s lights could be improving your own security measures.

5. The Nosy Neighbor

Dealing with a nosy neighbor is difficult but often necessary. No matter what steps you take to protect your privacy in your home and on your property, they always seem to be peering through windows or over hedges to get a better look at what you are up to.

6. Slamming Doors and Windows

If your doors and windows stick so much that you need to slam them shut, you really should take a look into it, or consider getting help from the professionals at R C Windows & Doors. We have years of experience dealing with problems like these and more. Give us a call.

Employing the above measures and smiling and waving on occasion should go far towards keeping you and your neighbors happy.