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Some Minor Home Maintenance Tasks You Can Easily Do

Your home is the most expensive thing that you are likely to own. This is one of the reasons why you need to take good care of it and ensure that it is correctly maintained. There are a number of minor maintenance tasks that you might be tempted to call a professional to handle that you can easily do yourself.

Fixing A Broken Toilet Lever

Most people start to panic when they press the lever on their toilet and it does not flush. These people will generally think about calling a plumber to look at this, but this is actually something that you can easily fix yourself. The first step to doing this will be to open the top of the tank and seeing what the problem is.

In many cases, you will simply need to reattach the chain to the system. However, there are times when the handle could be corroded or a piece of the system has broken. In these cases, you will need to replace the lever and you can do this easily with a wrench and a replacement toilet lever kit.

Unclogging A Drain

Before you call the plumber to look at your clogged drain, you need to try fixing this yourself. The steps that you need to take will vary depending on the drain that you need to unclog. Using a plunger is the first option available, but you need to ensure that you are using the right one.

The plunger that you generally get from the hardware store will not work if you are trying to unclog your toilet. The brown plungers that you get should be used with a sink. A toilet plunger will have an extra piece of plastic at the bottom of the plunger that allows it to reach around the bend of the toilet bowl.

When using the plunger, you need to ensure that there is enough water to submerge the head in. Once in position, you should thrust downwards 8 to 10 times. Minor clogs will generally be shifted with this, but major clogs may take a bit more work. You might also have to use an auger instead of a plunger if you cannot shift the material that is clogging the drain.

Patching A Hole In Drywall

Holes in your drywall are unavoidable, but you can fix them rather easily when they are not too large. If you have holes in the drywall from nails and screws, you can fill them with putty and then leave this to dry. Once the putty is dry, you will need to sand it down until it is flat. You might want to apply a coat of paint to the wall if you want everything to blend seamlessly.

If you have a larger hole from a doorknob going through the wall, you will need to cut out a rectangular section of drywall surrounding the hole. You will then need to cut the same shape from a piece of drywall that you have bought. You can then use a small piece of wood to brace the new drywall into place and attach it. Then finish and paint.

Sliding Glass Door Problems

Many sliding glass door problems are caused by dirt and little rocks. Simply sweeping, vacuuming, or blowing them out can work wonders. For more serious window and sliding glass door problems in Ocala be sure to contact R C Windows & Doors. We have the experience to have your window working like new in no time.