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Is it Okay to Use Unlicensed Contractors?

The question is, should I use an unlicensed contractor for the repair and installation of windows and doors at my home? The smart answer to this question is a resounding No. But why not, you may ask? There are many reasons why not to use unlicensed contractors. First, let’s talk about insurance. What happens, if the contractor breaks something and is not insured? Who is going to pay? You. What happens, if he or one of his employees gets hurt? Can the employee sue you? Probably, yes. The best-case scenario is that your Homeowner’s Policy would cover it, but then what happens to your payments? They go up. That pretty much takes care of the question of insurance right there. Usually, when a company is licensed, you are protected and they are protected as well. A company such as R C Windows and Doors is insured by the way.

Second, let’s talk about possible damages while the work is being done, or potential damage that was done to something else, say, for example, electrical wiring or interior water damage. Either of which could be expensive and even dangerous. This is just one more reason to go with the professionals that are licensed. Your home is your largest investment and it must be protected. Thirdly, for the most part, a reputable contractor that is licensed will probably be more likely to be on time and perform the work to the specifications that were originally agreed upon. This can be very important, because what happens if you go on vacation and an unlicensed contractor doesn’t install exactly what you wanted and you come back to all new windows and doors that were definitely not what you chose before you left? No good answer there. No one wants to come back to a situation like that.

Lastly, let’s talk about the quality of work, a quality guarantee, and future service of the products installed. The quality of work done by an insured company such as R C Windows & Doors is much higher than if you were going to hire a retiree or a friend who has extra time on his hands. There are going to be trained employees and you would be able to view some of their past work, or at least get some positive feedback from neighbors and friends that have used this company in the past. A guarantee of quality work done is far more likely to be backed up by a company with means than a single guy with a truck and a ladder. It’s logical to assume that a company that installs your windows and doors is going to have a knowledge base, or history of your installation that could enable them to fix a future problem much easier or to make a recommendation on something else that was viewed while they were presently doing the work on your home. I’m confident that we have shown that using a licensed contractor is in the best interest of the homeowner.