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Attend To Your Windows Before Putting Your Home Up for Sale

Are you thinking of selling your home? Don’t forget to consider the condition of your windows. Buyers can often be put off by things like squeaky doors or windows that don’t move smoothly. There are other things about your windows and doors that you should consider when thinking about selling.

Selling a home is often preceded by a building inspection carried out by qualified and competent professionals who examine the house in detail. This process is often insisted on by lenders that the new buyer will engage for financing the purchase.

Building inspectors in many localities will give detailed reports about the condition of the home and highlight areas that require attention, or will need some expenditure to be incurred by the new purchaser. While it is standard procedure to examine foundations, walls, roofs, plumbing and electrical systems it is also necessary that these reports elaborate on the condition of the windows and doors in a home.

Windows are a must for every room to ensure proper light and ventilation. They are also the areas in a home that are vulnerable to the weather, as the shutters can lead to leaks if they do not close properly, or the glass itself can let in heat or let out heat. One sure sign that your windows need attention can come from high energy bills that point to a leak of conditioned air, hot or cold, from the windows. Building inspectors will note this when they compare utility bills with other standards that they are aware of. The leakage can come from ill-fitting seals when windows are closed and are easy to attend to by replacing them with new ones before you proceed to finalize the sale of your home.

Windows can also have glass that is cracked or letting in air through gaskets that have given up. A sure sign of this is cracks in the gaskets and wind whistling through the gaps that result from the defects. The gaskets can be easily replaced, and such action can indicate to the buyer of your home, the care that you have taken while living in it. Glass of windows that are cracked must be replaced. A single pane of glass is also a poor insulator and can be one reason for high energy bills. Windows can be made double glazed and this can not only increase its insulation but also help to make the room soundproof.  Double glazing of all windows in your home before putting it up for sale, can make for a strong selling point, that can result in your being able to get a better price from the sale.

It also makes sense to see that if the windows in your home have external shutters or awnings or other methods to ensure shade, all of these are in good repair and continue to give the service that is expected from them. Care must also be taken to see that rain water that runs down external walls does not find itself into the home through the sills, jambs or other vulnerable points. This entry of water can also occur when some high winds and storms cause the rain to beat against windows, and it is necessary that you ensure that all the windows are watertight. Double glazed windows can fog, and this is a defect that does need attention before you sell your home.

If you need to dress up your home a bit before selling it, new blinds and shutters can make a big improvement and great impression.

All this adds up to the fact that having your windows and doors in good shape before putting your home on the market is a good idea if you’re looking to maximize your selling price and increase your chances of finding a buyer.