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Famous Doors and Windows In History

We thought it would be interesting to the readers of this blog if we talked a little about some famous doors and windows throughout history. Certainly, there are more than the few we have written about, but we thought these here stand out above most.

While not an actual physical door, but a painting, the first on our list is Christ at Heart’s Door. This painting was done by Warner Sallman and his second most requested image by the readers of religious magazines. The painting/door depicts Christ knocking on a door which of course is supposed to be each person’s heart. There are many nuances to the painting if noticed will certainly inspire. A particular minister noticed that there is no doorknob which signifies that one must open the door to Christ from the inside. He will not force his way in.

The door at 221B Baker Street is another such door that in reality does not exist. It is the address of the fictional detective Sherlock Holmes. Much has been made about this door by the now-defunct Abbey National Building Society and the Sherlock Holmes museum, just down the street. It has even been mentioned in films such as Star Trek The Next Generation and other movies about Sherlock Holmes.

10 Downing Street is probably the most recognizable door of our time. It is of course the residents of the executive branch of the UK and its Prime Minister. Originally, three houses #10 Downing Street was a gift to Sir Robert Walpole by George II in 1732 who accepted it on the condition that it be gifted to the First Lord Of The Treasury. The door or residence has taken on far more significance from the 20th century going forward. Another famous door, but on the other side of the Atlantic is the door to the Rotunda in Washington DC called the Columbus Door. There are actually two of them, made of bronze by sculptor Randolph Rogers in 1860-1861, but due to the American Civil War did not make it to the US until 1863 and were hung in 1871. They are almost 17 feet tall and 10 feet wide and weigh about 20 tons. The theme of the doors is basically about the journey of Columbus to the New World.

When it comes to windows it’s difficult to opine on any type of famous window without concentrating on stained glass windows. Many of the world’s most famous stained glass windows reside in Churches in the UK and France. Choosing the Coventry Cathedral for this article was an easy choice to make. This Church was bombed by the Germans during World War 2 and before the rebuilding took place it was decided that part of the ruins would remain as a reminder to the world of what war can do. One of the stained glass windows inside was made by John Piper and called the Baptistry Window. It’s a unique design with 195 panes. There are other stained glass windows in the Cathedral placed in the Nave by Lawrence Lee, Keith New, and Geoffrey Clarke that face away from the congregation in opposite pairs representing human growth from the beginning to the end. All the windows in Coventry were conceived by Basil Spence and the Arup Group. It was Spence’s idea to merge the ruins of the old with the new.

Your doors and windows may never be as famous as the doors and windows in our article, but when it comes time to service them we hope you’ll give us a call. We repair all kinds of doors and windows. We also repair sliding glass doors in Ocala.