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House Repairs The Easy Way


House Repairs The Easy Way: Benefits Of Hiring A Home Repair Contractor


Even though it seems economical to handle small home repairs by yourself, it could be quite taxing at times, especially for those who are short on time. Working families, those who are lacking the skills to take on a DIY home repair job and those who have miserably failed at DIY projects in the past will benefit from hiring a professional and skilled house repair service provider. In fact, it is considered the best way to perform house repairs the easy way. Read on for our opinion on performing house repairs the easy way, by handing it off to a pro.

A professional home repair service is a skilled company that is able to carry out various home repairs such as doors, windows, tile, carpentry, roofing, and painting jobs. In fact, you may hire a skilled technician from these companies and get all the house repairs done within one day rather than wasting your precious time on such projects. You are wasting your hard-earned money by trying to do the repair work by yourself if you are not proficient at the job at hand. This is why you need to rethink your strategy when it comes to home repair projects.

Even though it may sound better to try and tackle a home repair project on your own, hiring a professional home repair contractor can help you save a bundle of cash. Many home repair companies have industry contacts and discounts with vendors that a homeowner cannot usually get. These companies can get equipment and products for much lower prices compared to what a homeowner can get. Even though they are getting paid to do the work they will definitely pass some of these savings on to you. You will often end up with a finished project that looks really great at a much lower cost than what you can pay yourself.

Ever tried to do a home repair project by yourself and quickly discovered that you just didn't have the required aptitude and skills to perform it? This happens most of the time when a homeowner goes to repair something in his home. In fact, the final results will be very bad when done with unskilled hands. This is why you need to work with a professional home repair company for such projects. The work will be performed correctly the first time around by these professional home repair companies. This will save you time and money in the long run.

Doing home repairs on your own often requires special permits to perform the work, and you may require liability insurance coverage to protect any workers you hire for the job. Can you imagine what sort of situation you will have to face if something goes wrong or someone is injured? You will not have to face such risks when you hire a professional home repair company for the project. These are only some of the major advantages of choosing a professional home repair company to handle all the house repair projects in your home. There are many more good reasons to hire a pro. When you need a window professional in Ocala, be sure to give R C Windows & Doors a try.

Emergency & Important Numbers Palm Beach County


Hurricane season in South Florida is June 1st to November 30th, but problems can occur any time. As a public service, we’ve decided to post this list of important numbers and websites for the Palm Beach County area.

Emergency & Important Numbers:

  • Emergency: 911
  • Non-Emergency: 561-822-1900
  • FPL Outage: 1-800-4-OUTAGE (1-800-468-8243)
  • AT&T Landline Repair: 1-877-737-2478
  • AT&T Business Repair: 1-866-620-6900
  • Elder Helpline: 1-800-96-ELDER (1-800-963-5337)
  • Crisis Helpline: 211
  • Water Emergency Line 877-429-1294
  • United Way Volunteers: 561-712-6724
  • Division of Consumer Services (Report Price Gouging): 1-800-HELP-FLA
  • Citizens Insurance 800-524-9023
  • FEMA 1-800-621-3362
  • Florida Department Financial Services: 1-800-227-8676
  • Tri-Rail: 1-800-874-7245
  • Public Safety: 561-712-6400
  • TDD (Hearing Impaired): 561-712-6343
  • Senior Helpline: 211
  • Animal Care & Control: 561-233-1200
  • American Red Cross: 561-833-7711
  • Code Enforcement: 561-233-5500
  • Building Division: 561-233-5100
  • Code Enforcement Help Desk: 561-233-5500
  • Consumer Affairs: 561-712-6600
  • Contractor Certification: 561-233-5525
  • Palm Tran Connection Hotline: 561-649-9848
  • Engineering & Public Works: 561-684-4000
  • Emergency Management: 561-712-6400
  • FEMA: 800-621-3362
  • Fire Rescue - Non-Emergency: 561-712-6550
  • FL Department of Financial Services: 561-681-6392
  • FPL Power Outages: 561-697-8000
  • Health Department: 561-840-4500
  • Palm Tran: 561-841-4200
  • Palm Tran Connection: 561-649-9838
  • Parks and Recreation: 561-966-6600
  • Price Gouging Hotline: 866-966-7226
  • Public Affairs Department: 561-355-2754
  • PBC Engineering: 561-684-4018
  • Salvation Army: 561-686-3530
  • Sheriff (PBSO) - Non-Emergency: 561-688-3000
  • Solid Waste Authority: 561-640-4000, 697-2700
  • Special Needs Shelters: 561-712-6400, opt. 4
  • Traffic Signal Repair: 561-683-6885
  • United Way: 561-375-6600
  • PBC Water Utilities: 561-493-6000
  • Emergency Repairs 24 hrs: 561-740-4600, opt. 1


  • Bethesda Memorial Hospital 737-7733
  • Boca Raton Community Hospital 955-7100
  • Columbia Hospital Administrative: 863-3802
  • Columbia Hospital Main: 842-6141
  • Delray Medical Center: 495-3100
  • Lakeside Medical Center: 996-6571
  • Good Samaritan Medical Center: 655-5511
  • JFK Medical Center: 965-7300
  • Jupiter Medical Center: 263-2234
  • Palms West Hospital: 798-3300
  • Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center: 622-1411
  • St. Mary's Medical Center: 844-6300
  • VA Medical Center: 422-8262
  • Wellington Regional Medical Center: 798-8500
  • West Boca Medical Center: 488-8000


Palm Beach County Important Websites:

Hurricane Preparedness
Everything Palm Beach County Related
The above phone numbers have been provided by WPBF.com.

What to do When Things in Your Home Begin to Break

Home Repairs

Home repairs are common in all houses because many parts and items in the house can wear out, yet are essential to have. The best practice is to repair and replace broken items as soon as you realize damages. Nothing lasts forever and, therefore, you should address all the problems as they occur. Home repairs sometimes require professional diagnosis and resolutions of the problems to avoid more damages in the house.

Some breakages are do-it-yourself projects, but others are complex and complicated thus needing qualified expertise to repair or replace them accurately. The repairs may involve servicing or even replacing some of the items. Some problems can lead to bigger problems, so it’s best to service them before they get worse.

Seek Help From Professionals, or Do-It-Yourself

Home repairs involve tools and experience that the homeowner does not have, and may necessitate the services of various home repair specialists or renovators. However, it is always important to use the services of qualified home repair people. When you realize that your home has problems that need repair, you should act immediately because some broken items can lead to worse problems, and therefore become more costly to fix.

Door and window servicing are some of the most commonly needed home repairs in many of today’s homes. Some repairs are easy. For example when the door and window hinges become squeaky, you should learn how to apply lubricant to make them work normally. Many repairs may seem simple but whenever you feel that you cannot do it yourself, you should seek help from a door and window services provider such as R C Windows & Doors.

Home Maintenance

Some home repairs may require replacement of the worn out components that lead to breakages. In such cases it’s always a good idea to work with a reliable company that can order and install new parts as needed. In addition, emergency breakages necessitate calling a suitable expert as soon as possible. For example, if the windows or doors break, you’ll need to call a window and door repair company quickly as a matter of safety.

The most frustrating repairs that face a homeowner are broken or damaged things around the house. When you have found something broken in your home, it’s usually a good idea to replace the items with better quality products. It is often more convenient to replace the items because repairs can sometimes make the items prone to breakages in future. Don’t forget that periodic maintenance can ensure proper functioning of all the items in the house, thus avoiding constant breakages that lead to emergencies or costly repairs.

Should I Repair or Replace My Windows and Doors?

When you have lived in your home for many years and have had to ask for numerous door repair and window repair services from qualified professionals, you might be tempted to simply replace the offending part of the home. This might sound like a better alternative than having to repair the same door or window time after time. The inconvenience and cost involved in doing repairs over and over could far outweigh the advantages of only buying replacements. The following are some of the things that you should consider before deciding whether to repair or replace your doors and windows:

1) How much money are you willing to spend at once?

This is a very interesting question that is definitely going to have more than one true answer. On the surface, it would appear that simply repairing your doors or windows would actually be cheaper than having to pay for new replacements. While this is generally true, it will not be worth your while to keep repairing your door or window every few months, if they are really getting old, because of a new issue that still needs to be addressed by a qualified team of professionals.

It would therefore make more sense to get a new replacement, as this would not need any repair for a few years. However, replacing a door or window is more expensive than repairing the same. The only way it would be cheaper to repair in this case, is if the people doing the replacement for you did a shoddy job that necessitates more work to be done. This should never be the case if using a well-known and experienced window glass replacement service like Majestic Glass.

For those looking for door repair and window repair as viable alternatives, hiring people who have been proven to be capable of performing will go in your favor, as they will ensure that your doors and windows do not need to be repaired again for a very long time. The same applies to getting a new replacement. It is important to make sure that the team that will be replacing your window or door can handle the task, to prevent any mishaps that might come to haunt you later.

2) How badly damaged are the windows and doors?

Another factor that you will want to investigate before rushing off to look for a door service or window service that deals in these things is the extent of the wear or damage. A small, single crack on a large pane of glass is less of an emergency than a gaping hole in the middle of your door or window, or something like a broken hinge that needs urgent attention. After you have judged the situation, then you will be more empowered to make the right decision.

3) The Big Benefit of Replacement

There is one big benefit of replacement over repair. When you replace your doors or windows you can get a whole new look for your home. You'd be amazed at the difference replacing a major feature of your home, such as it's doors or windows can make in improved looks and increased value for your home.

So take all the advice into consideration, and decide what is best for you, from the standpoint of your pocketbook and long-term outlook for your home.

Tips on Waterproofing Your Home


Everyone knows how bad the rainy season can get, especially if you happen to have leaky windows and doors. The rainy season in Florida is fast approaching, running from May to October. It is therefore important to waterproof your home, as no one will want to wade through pools of water in their own home. The good news is that there are a host of things that you can do to prevent this from ever happening in your house. The following are some of the tips that will help you waterproof your home:

1) Check your doors and windows for leaks

One of the first things that you can do is check your windows and doors for leaks. If any are found, you might want to hire a professional team for a window repair service or a door repair service. It is important that you conduct your due diligence so that you do not end up working with a team of people who are only out to sell products and are not really qualified to do a proper job. Some people may opt to do their own repairs on their own, but this should only be done if you are very confident in your workmanship skills. Otherwise, you should let the professionals do what they are trained to do, so that you will not have any water seeping in during the rainy season.

2) Check for concrete cracks and repair them

One of the tasks that you should be up to constantly is inspecting the concrete walls in the house and the floors as well to ensure that there are no cracks. If you happen to come across cracks or potential water leakage areas, they should be promptly repaired and dealt with. This is due to the fact that concrete cracks threaten the stability of the walls, and this might lead to a structural collapse. However, this rarely happens, though seepage of rainwater from the outside of the house is a more common occurrence. Repairs can be done using caulk to plug in the crack (after cleaning it out), or new concrete if the cracks are big enough to warrant this.

3) Repair and lubricate rusty fixtures

As you are looking for weak spots where water might get into your home, it would also be beneficial for you to go around to inspect all the fixtures in the compound, repairing the ones in a bad state and lubricating the ones in need of some oil. No one wants to have creaking gates and doors when they come home after a long day at work. Painting the fixtures would also be beneficial, as it will prevent rust from forming on them, which would necessitate replacement. This is a costly venture that is best prevented instead of being fixed.

4) Look after your rain gutters

The last thing that you need to do is to constantly inspect your rain gutters to ensure that none of them are clogged up, as this will make your entire compound flood, leading to water seeping into your house. This is not something that you want happening on your watch. As such, take care of your rain gutters and they will take care of you.

How to Maintain A Real-estate Property

As the owner of a property that you live in or rent out to other people for income, you are responsible for its current upkeep. Not only that, but you will also be required to keep the property in good shape for as long as you will own it. Not only are there community and local rules about the maintenance of a property, but a poorly maintained property is bound to cause you a lot of heartache and grief, especially if the property breaks down or causes injury to someone. You could soon be facing a lawsuit with hefty damages to pay the person or people who have been injured or suffered loss as a result of your failure to maintain your property. The current and future value of your property is also at stake. The following are some of the tips that will help you stay ahead of any future losses:
1)    Make sure that all the wood has been painted
It is important to ensure that all the wood that has been used to build the property has been sealed and painted over correctly so as to avoid the wood from rotting or becoming soft. When this happens, the wood could give way or become a target for termites. That would mean that you would be in for some costly repairs that could have been avoided if you simply kept your wood painted properly.
2)    Check on the state of the windows
It is also important to check all the windows and ensure that they are in good shape. Broken windows will need a window repair specialist who will give your property a professional window service. Dilapidated window frames with holes and poor quality glass will only serve to lower the aesthetic quality of the house. Air and water leaks from rain can cause expensive damage to other parts of the house. When you get a chance to renovate the home, do not forget to pay extra attention to the windows. Adding better insulated and tougher window frames and sliding glass doors will go a long way in driving up the value of the property - something that will be beneficial in future deals involving the property.
3)    Ensure the doors and the walls of the property are in good shape
Doors should also be taken care of with the same level of intensity and diligence as the rest of the other maintenance tasks of your property. Door repair should be a top priority in all your plans, and if it is necessary a door service professional can come to the house and do the repairs for you. Not only your safety is at stake, but protecting the inside of your home from the elements should always be something important on your list.
4)    Carry out routine inspections around the property

It is also your duty as the owner of the property to duly inspect the surrounding area that is part of the property to ensure that there is nothing that could harm innocent visitors and passers by. Dead and fallen branches should be collected and disposed off. Big holes in the ground should be covered up so as to avoid a scenario where someone would end up tripping and badly injuring themselves entering or leaving your property.

It may sound obvious but sometimes it’s easy to overlook things that we see every day. Best to put on your inspector hat one day each month and look for problems that you may otherwise overlook.

It's a Good Time for Home Beautification


People who have owned houses or condos for a long time know the importance of continually improving their homes. Renovations are what will prevent the home from going into a state of disrepair and disuse. It is also one of the best ways of improving the monetary value of the house as time goes on. Upgrading the windows and doors of the house as well as working on the floors and walls are important things to tick off your list as a homeowner. The following are the questions and things that you should do if you are interested in renovating your home.

What is your objective for renovating the house?

The first question you should ask yourself before attempting to do anything is what your goal for the renovation is. This will determine the amount of money you will be willing to expend on the activity. It will also determine many of the choices that you will take as the renovation process continues. For instance, many home owners might want to do a home make over simply because doing so will bump the value of the home before they list it on the market for sale to the highest bidder.

Others might want to change a few things in the house so as to have a change in the atmosphere of the house. It could also be that there might be need to install new technology in the house, requiring a change in the electrical wiring and plumbing. Your objectives and budget will definitely have a bearing on what you are willing to spend.

Are you going to do it by yourself or are you going to hire people to do it?

The next question that you will have to answer is whether you want to do the renovations by yourself or possibly with the help of a few neighbors and friends, or whether you want to hire a professional team to come and do the window repair and door repair or any other make overs that might be needed. If the renovations needed are major, then it might be better for you to hire a professional team of experts. This is due to the fact that these are going to be people with the equipment and the expertise required to do a good job.

If you decide to do it on your own, you might incur some unnecessary costs, in addition to getting hurt or damaging things in the house due to your lack of experience. The amount of money that you have in your pocket will also play a factor in deciding whether you will even do the renovations at all. You should also be careful so that your hard earned budget is not compromised by unscrupulous business men and women who might appear to be knowledgeable and skilled in conducting home make overs but are actually incompetent.

A home renovation can do a lot of good to the entire home, bringing in freshness and a new look that will capture the attention and admiration of all who step inside the new home.

You can always trust the people at R C Windows & Doors to do a correct and cost effective job for you when it comes to the repair or upgrading of your windows or doors. Just ask any of our many happy clients.

Ideas for Cleaning and Maintaining Doors and Windows


You’ll probably be surprised to learn that there is a lot more that happens behind the scenes once you have bought your new doors and windows for your home. You can’t expect them to retain the same qualities that made you buy them in the first place if you don’t plan on performing window maintenance and door maintenance after a period of time has elapsed.

Doors and windows will need to be cleaned and maintained every now and then. This will be good for the aesthetic appearance of the house. It will also ensure that the home is as healthy as it can be. Offending microbes will have been dealt with if the windows and doors are kept clean on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Disease-causing pathogens will not get a chance to multiply and infect the inhabitants of the house, and your windows will look a lot better if the following tips and suggestions are adhered to:

1) Start cleaning with water and a soft cloth

You might feel the urge to get carried away and use all the detergents that you have in the house to clean your windows and doors. This is not the way to go, especially if you have a routine of washing and wiping your windows often. A better suggestion would be to start cleaning the surfaces with water and a clean piece of cloth. It is only when the dirt is too much for an ordinary window surface that other options can be entertained. Otherwise, you will only be spending a lot of money on cleaning detergents when water and a piece of cloth would have served all your purposes just fine.


2) Hire a cleaning service to do the work of cleaning and maintaining your doors and windows

Another effective idea for the best maintenance of your doors and windows would be to hire a cleaning service. This is especially beneficial in a commercial business setup, where you could be having an office with many windows and doors. It would not be good for a business to have dirty and unsightly windows. This could have a negative impact on your business and even end up driving away clients. If you find that the business cannot afford to pay the monthly salary of a full-time cleaner, then the next best thing would be to work with a cleaning service that would be cleaning all your doors and windows after a certain number of days. This is an affordable option for premises that are short on cash but still want to look aesthetically pleasing.


3) Avoid the use of high-pressure sprays and power washes

Using high-pressure sprays might seem like a good and time-saving idea, especially if you have many windows to clean and maintain each and every single day. However, using high-pressure sprays will expose your windows to caulking damage. When the damage becomes extensive, you will be faced with the prospect of repairing or replacing all your windows at a high cost to you. A gentle touch done by hand done often is much better than using any kind of heavy pressure to get heavy build-up off your windows. Hopefully, this warning will discourage you from using power washes for your window and door servicing and cleaning.

For maintenance that goes beyond simple cleaning, give us a call. We are your service and repair experts in Ocala. Let our experience help your windows and doors work better and last longer.

The Benefits of Preventative Home Maintenance


Preventative home maintenance is an important aspect in the management of your home. It should be aimed at establishing a time to time practice which ensures the equipment at your home is functional and safe all the time. It entails identifying and fixing minor problems before they escalate into major ones. This may include carrying out a door repair to ensure it opens and closes properly as required. This may sound like a common practice but in reality, a number of homeowners do not put it into effect. However, it is a program that every homeowner should incorporate in his or her annual to-do list and ensure it is successfully implemented. A preventative home maintenance program will benefit you in a number of ways.

It cuts down on costs

Effective preventative maintenance is a great way of cutting on the cost of replacing systems and structures at your home. For instance, failure to do door and window maintenance will finally make you to either do a major repair or a complete replacement which will cost you more. Effectively conducted preventative home maintenance ensures the systems and structures last for longer hence minimizing their replacement.
Adds to your home's value

Homeowners who carry out preventative maintenance consistently ensure that the performance of the systems and structures are at their best at all times. Facilities with well maintained structures and systems without major problems will have a higher value compared to those in which maintenance is either deferred or done ineffectively. The higher the frequency of maintenance on your home as a whole, the more new and appealing it appears hence the higher its value; this increases its resale potential.

Your comfort is guaranteed

Since the maintenance is meant to ensure all the structures and systems are fully functional all the time, your comfort is guaranteed. Doors and windows play an important role in our comfort in the home. For instance, during harsh cooler weather, we would like to retain as much heat within the home as possible hence the need for appropriate window repair which should entail ensuring that seals are intact which also helps prevent leakage of water into your home.

Enhanced safety of your home

Ensuring proper functionality of all the systems and structures of your home reduces the chances of risks and accidents hence guaranteeing your safety. The state of the door to your home also plays a significant role in ensuring the safety of your treasured items and equipment in the home. It is therefore important to ensure the door is repaired and well maintained all the time. For instance, as you do your sliding door repair or some other door repair, you need to ascertain that the door's locks are fully functional as well.

In conclusion, preventative home maintenance is something that you can't do without if you need the systems and structures of your home to be fully functional all the time. Besides, it helps reduce overall maintenance costs, enhance your home's value and reduce accidents among other benefits.

Annual Window and Door Fall Tune-up

Are you planning to do your annual window and door tune-up? If you haven't thought about it, now is the time to get it scheduled.

The great weather season is with us again. Most people will be opening their doors and windows to have a feel of the wonderful Florida breeze blowing through the house. Not to mention the savings on air conditioning costs. As you read this article, perhaps you are one of the lucky people who get to enjoy our weather this time of year. So, before you find you have trouble opening your windows or doors to enjoy the nice weather, consider doing a window and door repair in time. When doing the repair, there are a number of things you need to look into.

Screen Doors

Since you're going to be opening your windows more, you're going to want to be sure that all your screen doors are in good shape. Not only do your windows have screens, but many doors and most sliding glass doors have screens as well. Your screens are there to keep the bugs and mosquitoes out, so you'll want to have them all in good condition.

Sliding doors

When it comes to sliding glass doors it is necessary to check for broken and worn parts, tracks and rails. It's not likely that you have broken glass, but you never know, so it's a good time to check for that as well. For a sliding glass door, you may need to re-glaze if there is any broken or cracked glass. Broken wheels often damage tracks in door frames and replacement is suggested if there are signs of beginning damage. You can also check here the reasons why you should replace old energy-wasting sliding glass doors.

Hinged doors

Damaged hinges often generate a number of door problems including jams on the bottom or sides of the door frame as well as other alignment problems. An annual tune-up is a good time to check, repair or replace weather stripping, hinges, thresholds, the astragal on double entry doors, door closures, pivots, and make basic adjustments to the doors.


During your window tune-up, it's a good idea to check and replace worn parts on aluminum frames. Balance rods are the springs on both inner sides of the window that allows the window to go up or to stay up. They are often referred to as side window springs or side window mechanisms. Window locks should be checked to make sure they're working properly, and replaced when needed.

Leaks mainly come in from around the outer part of the window, and can be repaired when found. This can save money on your electric bill.

All in all, during your annual fall window and door tuneup many small issues can be uncovered and repaired that will save you money and future repair bills.

If some of these suggestions sound a bit complicated, don't worry. All it really takes is a quick phone call to R C Windows & Doors to discuss your needs. We'll handle all your window and door maintenance at one time with a simple fall tune-up. Remember the old saying: "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Give us a call today to find out more.